Curex offers faster reduction of migration of monomers from uncured laminating adhesives into the food conatct film layers.  

Curex reacts with migrating monomers from all OH/NCO PUR adhesives, reducing the level of aromatic amines faster than non Curex laminates and thereby bringing the laminates faster into legal state where it may be supplied to a food packer.
Aromatic amine values in laminates with and without Curex

Migration limits for laminates are described in the following three regulations.

German BGvV legislation - aromatic amines
Limit 0,2 mg/100 ml test liquid

EU legislation EU 90/128 EEC - Migration of free NCO  *
Limit expressed as one milligram NCO/ 1 kg laminate (qm(t) = 1 mg/kg)
(* Comprise all EU countries, including Germany.)

The New EU Directive 90/128 EEC 6th amendment also sets limits for aromatic amines.
EU Authorities confirms that laminates must comply with both regulated limits.

USA  - FDA Regulations :
21 CFR 175.105   - Adhesives - Migration limits for adhesive substances.
21 CFR 177.1390 - Laminates up to 250 deg. F  - Migration limits for adhesive substances.
21 CFR 177.1395 - Laminate above 250 deg. F  - Migration limits for adhesive substances.
21 CFR 170.39    - Threshold of regulation for substances. (Foundation for PMN-ACT.
Carcinogenic impurities like aromatic amines not allowed.)

Curex masterbatches added to the lamination film will cure polyurethane adhesives faster, and reduce the risk of uncured adhesives migrating into the packed products.