Advantages and savings

  Curex offers
  What are the savings of Curex masterbatches

  Curex offers

  Very fast curing of laminates, permitting slitting in 3-4 hours.
  Delivery in 24-48 hours after lamination.
  Faster aromatic amine decay.
  Faster reach of US and EU migration limits.
  Protection against anti-seal effect.
  Less sensitivity to loss of slip.
  Faster quality control of bonds and heat seals.
  Much faster lead time for solvent free laminates.
  Less sensitivity to retained alcohols from difficult printing jobs.
  General upgrading of lamination quality for most polyurethane adhesives.
  Curex is a low cost insurance against most of the quality variations in converting

  What are the savings of Curex masterbatches ?

  No telescoping.
  Less piping (tunnelling) in connection with bad rolls or several ink layers.
  Allows higher running speeds due to broader choice of adhesives.
  Allows choice of adhesives with longer pot life.
  Offers faster quality control.
  The fast quality control is also a control of treatment of lamination films in connection with solvent free adhesives.
  Saves intermediate storage space and staff by less intermediate handling and transport between production stages.
  Less rejected orders due to better curing conditions.
  Less capital needed due to faster lead times.
  In general upgrading of the lamination quality.